Where does everything come from?

The universe of Illari Delgado

Illari Delgado since 2008 like a Director and artist in multidisciplinary shows. He was training by the Astrabudua music school for 6 years in cello and singing (also formed in Cirque du Soleil with Séverine Parent), dancing training in Getxo Performing Arts School for 2 years (ballet and contemporary) percussionist and actor, and as autodidact acrobat.

A very creative and innovative artist, where he takes care about every detail. Considering that he composes his own music, he creates his own makeup, as he is also a professional makeup artist, designs his own costumes, and has his own team of seamstresses.

He has worked for Meliá Hotels (Spain, 2017), in the first cabaret club in Europe "El Plata" (Spain, 2015-2017), Kaohsy (Spain 2015-2016), The scenic show party "Viaje Submarino" Talent Madrid Festival (Spain, 2014), FANT Film Festival (Spain, 2013), Pacha Bilbao (Spain, 2011) and in his own creations since 2008.

Also for international stars like Penélope Cruz in the spot Damas for Dubai, in the music video "encanto" with Miguel Bosé, and television programs like Got Talent 2 (Spain, 2017), All the world is good (Spain, 2012).